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Book Review- A Monster Like Me by Wendy Swore

Title- A Monster Like me Author- Wendy Swore Publisher- Shadow Mountain Publication Date_ March 5 2019 Synopsis: Sophie is convinced she is a monster. Why else would she have such a huge mark covering half her face? The Doctor’s may call it a blood tumour, but she knows what it is. And thanks to her […]

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No Spoilers, please.

Why I’m in a queue to book tickets. My life flashing by my eyes.

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The Essential Library.

Today I recommended new teenage books to an avid reader who wrote them all down faithfully and promised to read them. I ordered books on grief for a 4 year old, I referred a couple learning Punjabi to our dual languages section and gave advice on new authors to a 70 year old man with […]

English language thoughts

I have to admit that there are times when I absolutely love the English language.   A friend of mine is learning Chinese and we were chatting about learning a new language. I learned British Sign language about 5 years ago and loved it but found thinking in a whole new way quite challenging. It isn’t simply […]

Currently working on

So I go to a few comic cons and I like cosplaying. I’ve even roped my new Boy into it. I can’t remember whose idea it was (I say his, he says mine), but after watching Zootopia we thought Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde would be a great couples cosplay. This is them if you’ve […]

Starting Point

This will be a place for all of my crafty bits. I tend to try to keep busy when my depression is playing up so I have many varied types of crafts. Pretty much anything goes when I’m feeling low. So to start off here are a few drawings I have done when I’m feeling […]

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