Flash Fiction


Ancient evil: I shall unleash pestilence
Me: we’ve already got that
AE: plague
Me:that too
Me:Middle East
AE:.. natural disasters?
Me:all set
AE: did the apocalypse already happen?

Not sugar and spice and all things nice, But blood and bone and brain. Delicate flower encased in ice Crush me once, I’ll crush you twice Until only #thorns remain
#vss365 prompt #curse#amwriting

His red pen was #vicious as he edited her words, silencing her #voice with his ink.

“Ah, now we see the #violence inherent in the system.”
“You can’t use Monty Python whenever life doesn’t go your way.”
“Help, help, I’m being repressed. ”
“Bloody peasant.”
#vss365 prompt #vss#amwriting

His face is pale, eyes protruding and dark. Exhaustion etched into every pore.
“Help me,” he begs.
I take a breath and yell into the darkness. “The last one in bed is a giant booger-head.”
Screeches as footsteps thunder overhead.
I’m a #veteran at bedtime.

His words echo through the room. I pause. It never occurred to me. I look at the musclebound man quivering at the end of my sword.
“Am I?” I ask.
My minions nod their heads in varying degrees of embarrassment. Me. A #villain
I did not see that coming.
#vss365 prompt #prompt

My virtues and vices vary virtually daily. A vapid voice verifies my victimhood; a veteran of the vacant, vegan vixen act, void of value. But it’s a veneer, a veil hiding the vivid vortex within. I am vicious, violent and venomous. The verdict? I am a villain.
#vss365 prompt

Why Is there a #volcano setting on my toaster? This is the third time this week I’ve had to pick my breakfast up off the floor.

“Rockaby baby on the treetop, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, child protection services will take them all.”
“…. right, you’re banned from doing story time.”

For centuries we were the pinnacle of civilisation. But as our technology increased, our morality declined. Damned by our own hubris we did not heed the signs. The #ancient ones came to take back their gifts. We sank beneath the waves. No longer a home, but a legend.

I cannot feel what others feel
I cannot sympathise
The world in pain, its wounds too real
Too many tears to dry
For safety
beaten out of me
My walls are up too high #vss365a#VSS365#Prompt#WritingCommunity

@FictionMicro You wouldn’t call me a monster if you knew my side of the story. But you never ask. #microfiction#monstermicro

@FictionMicro Please don’t look under the bed. I didn’t hurt the boy. I couldn’t protect him during the day. #microfiction#monstermicro

“The monster was inside you all along!” He gasped. I smiled and drew my claws across his neck.

Attention everyone. Although it may look like I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes this is, in fact, a whole new black t-shirt and black jeans with entirely new mysterious rips and stains. This has been a PSA from my neglected ward#robe. #vss365 prompt

For the second time I watched the seconds tick by after I had seconded the second suggestion our second chair had made. I’d given him a second chance but I was second guessing myself by the time the second hand make its second rotation. #vss365#vss365#prompt#amwriting#second

Yoga, meditation and emptying your mind. Nothing delights a demon more. It’s like hanging a #vacant sign outside your body.
#vss prompt
A carpet of desiccated husks reaches out to the infinite horizon. The scent of sulphur and #vomit peppers the wind, catching on scraps of torn clothing. 8 billion voices snuffed into silence. What peace there is when a planet kills itself. #vss365 prompt #vss365#prompt

Free-floating sounds so nice
It doesn’t sound like there’s a #vice,
That can tighten at any time,
Without reason, sense or rhyme.
Floating doesn’t even sound
Like your chest is tightly bound.
Suffocation, medication
Being alone is my salvation. #vss365#prompt#MentalHealth

“How much do you #love me?” I say, wanting poetic declarations of #ephemeral beauty.
He thinks a while. “When we’re old and grey, I’ll find your teeth, make you tea and change your nappy.”
His love is solid and true and better than a thousand poems. #vss365#prompt

They say the loudest #silence is the the calm before the storm. But that is nothing to that moment you realise you can’t take back what’s just been said. When two hearts shatter the silence is deafening. #vss365#prompt#amwriting

Creaking bones like an #ancient wood,
I now say can’t when it used to be could,
Look at the lines and count the creases,
Not yet 40 and falling to pieces.
#vss365 prompt #vss365#prompt#WritingCommunity

A scared bird with an obsession for dubstep? A #craven raven, raving about craving raves. #vss365#TimeToSleep

“Does it get any better?”
“Does it get any easier?”
“Then what’s the point?”
I stare at her wrists, identical to mine under the vine #motif curling over my fingers.
“We prove them wrong,” I promise.
She lowers the knife. It’s a start. #vss365a#writingcommunity

@FictionMicro#microfiction My tenticles reach for struggling seamen, dragging my new friends to our underwater playground. They finally stop screaming.

He said he liked to watch. I said that was fine and added his eyes to my collection

“Come sit with us,” the uncles leer, patting the seat besides them. “A rose between two #thorns.” With their eyes too low and their hands too high they do not see that this rose carries a blade.
#vss365 prompt #amwriting

What do you people want from me? I’m a #victim of my own success. No longer allowed to tell my dreams For fear I’m just making a mess. But perhaps it was the ending I got so wrong My readers were the villains all along. #writingcommunity#vss365 prompt #JKRowling#victim

Creeping vines smother the mouldy floorboards, slowly crushing the softening fibres with their tendrils. The wind tickles the shutters, Morse code tapping into obscurity. Nature silently checks in to the #vacant building.
#vss365 prompt #vss365#prompt#amwriting

It’s an honest to God #vortex. All swirly and sci-fi right outside Tesco. The vivid colours shift and shimmer against the chrome reflection of the trolley park. There’s a low pitch hum coming from the centre sending ripples of light strobing outwards.

Welcome to the #MentalHealth circus. Over here is our Emotional rollercoaster. Try our new Hall of dysmorphic mirrors, Anxiety Wurlitzer or even our Poor Choice dodgers, guaranteed to crash no matter which way you turn. New this year our Depression Black Hole. Everyone welcome.

Present simple is a fact, I do. He does. We do that. Present continuous is ongoing, I am. We are. It is snowing. Perfect connects the now and then, I have. She has used that pen. Perfect continuous is a recent change, I have. It has been arranged. #english#grammar My rhyme

n reverent #silence I lay out my offering for you. Blood soaked and broken. I have slain the enemy who disturbs your morning slumber. I am triumphant and gift my spoils to you.
“Urgh! Sam! Nibbles has killed another bird. Can you get rid of it?”
Ungrateful wretch #vss365#prompt

“I named her Gaia, for her father gave me the world when he gave me her.”
“I named him #Orion, because my husband gave me the stars in our little bundle of joy.”
… “I named him Richard. Because his father’s a dick.” #vss365#prompt#amwriting

Her hands tremble from age as much as sorrow. I kneel in front of her and take the pencil.
“Let me help you, nana.” I remember all her lessons as I sweep liner across her eyes.
“He always liked these #wings.” She smiles. “Let’s show him one last time.”
#vss365a prompt #vss365

Down in the bowels of the earth the ancient one opens its eyes. I’ve woken up hungry. #monstermicro @FictionMicro0

You stole my heart and held it in a gilded #frame. You showed it off proudly, slicked red against black velvet. A masterpiece of beauty. But only I can see the nail through the centre.
#vss365 prompt #amwriting

“I’ve come to #collect your soul,” grinned the demon. “Excellent,” said the sociopath as he turned the page. “Let me know if you find it.” #vss365#prompt#amwriting#WritingCommunity#WritingCommmunity

“Just a water for me, thanks.” She pulls down her baggy sleeves and sits alone, eyes burning with unshed tears. Her stomach hurts but her heart hurts more. The mirror was #vicious this morning.
#vss365 prompt #vss365#prompt#EatingDisorderAwarenessWeek

I dust off his collar and smile a little. “And that’s what will happen if you ever touch my my brother again.”
As his feet touch the ground he turns and throws up on the playground floor.
Perhaps I was a little TOO #vivid. #vss365#prompt#vss365#amwriting

“We thought we were so smart.
We thought our first steps into space would be welcomed. We were wrong. If you’re reading this: If there is anyone left. Don’t step into the #void
#vss365 prompt #prompt

I cry and hold my breath You smile and hold my face I do not understand How you can #love me When I can not love myself

Children to day will never know the fear, the frustration and the pain of a flat tone and a flash of white text on a blue background. Somehow the #Azure Screen of Death doesn’t have the same ring to it. #vss365#prompt#iamwriting#writers#Azure

My sanity was hanging on by a #Gossamer thread. Fragile, ephemeral and so close to snapping. He was a heartbeat away from death and he didn’t even know it. #vss365#prompt#amwriting#WritingCommunity

Alice, born chained, desperately envisioned freedom, grimly hated internment. Just kept living meekly, never once pressed, questioned, raised suspicion. Then unexpectedly vanished. Warring Xian yielded zero. #alphastory#amwriting#WritingCommunity

“Back up your files,” they said “Make copies,” they insisted But as the flames lick my laptop More than my dreams go up in #smoke

-You can stop laughing now now.
-I really don’t think I can can.
-I didn’t fall for his #ruse
-Only because when he said “there’s something behind you,” you replied “oh no, there isnt”.
-That’s what you get when the Chosen one used to do pantos.
#vss365a prompt #WritingCommunity