Book Tattoos

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Book Tattoos

I adore tattoos. I think there is something beautiful and elegant about a well-done piece of art forever etched onto the body. I’m a massive fan of Tattoo Fixers, Ink Master, Bad Ink, LA Ink, America’s worst tattoos and pretty much any other show where they set on you with a tattoo machine and a […]

Broken Books

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Broken Books

When is a book not a book? When it’s been read and loved so often that its pages become softer than skin, when its spine is battered and broken and the only thing holding it together is old tape and memories. Then it’s no longer a book: it’s a treasure. Working in a library I […]

Book Review- Dead School by La..

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Book Review- Dead School by Laura Gia West and A Diamond in my Pocket by Lorena Angell

Title- Dead School Author- Laura Gia West Publisher- Black Rose. Nov 2018 Synopsis Tina Crocker thinks she is having the best day of her life. A quiet misfit; she finally takes charge and performs at the school talent show. She kills it. And is killed shortly thereafter. She ends up in Dead School. This was […]

DNF and Guilt.

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DNF and Guilt.

I have a confession to make. I really hate not finishing books. Ever since I learned to read I’ve thought that if someone has put the hard work in to write a book, then the very least you should do is to read it all the way through. These days, with so many books to […]

Book Review: Non-fiction Craft..

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Book Review: Non-fiction Craft books.

Book Review: Non- Fiction Crafting books So I have this habit of forgetting to review non-fiction books that I have read. I realise that it’s a bad habit as there are so many fantastic non-fiction books out there. My tastes tend towards biographies of morticians or other “unsavoury” occupations, or crafting books. Cards and corpses.Decoupage […]

Book Review: Twisted by Steve ..

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Book Review: Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

Book Review for Twisted by Steve Cavanagh Publisher: Orion This will be my second foray into Steve Cavanagh books and although they were completely different plot and characters they were equally as captivating. Twisted takes place in Port Lonely (which is a wonderful name for a town) where Maria discovers that her enigmatic husband is […]