Book Review. Show Stopper by Hayley Barker

Book Review Show Stopper by Hayley Barker   I received this book from Scholastic as a prize along with its sequel Show Stealer. It arrived just as I went away for a week away with my husband so I didn’t have chance to read it until we get back. I’m glad I didn’t rush read […]

Book Review. One of Us by Craig DeLouie

Book Review One Of Us Craig Delouie Trigger warnings for anyone who wants to read this book. Mentions of rape, sexual assault, violence, suicide, torture, racial hatred and child abuse. In the 1960s the sexual revolution led to a mutated STD which resulted in children with severe genetic mutations. Known as the ‘plague children’ and […]

Book Review. Roam by C. H. Armstrong and No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen

Bookreviews- Roam by C H Armstrong and No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen   Quite by coincidence I happened to read two books which dealt with the subject of becoming homeless one after another. They both had a different take and very diverse feel to them. Roam was from the point of view of a […]

Book Review. All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis     Book: All Rights reserved Author: Gregory Scott Katsoulis Cover: Very eye-catching with its bright green colour and shadowed figure with the copyrighted words behind them. It’s definitely one that draws your attention. Synopsis: Speth lives in a world where, from the moment she turns fifteen, every […]

Book review. Tradition by Brendan Kiely

Tradition By Brendan Kiely   I don’t make it a habit to get truly worked up over a book. I barely have enough energy to read at the moment let alone let the book affect my emotions. But I finished a book on Sunday last week and I’m still angry about it and only getting […]

Currently working on

So I go to a few comic cons and I like cosplaying. I’ve even roped my new Boy into it. I can’t remember whose idea it was (I say his, he says mine), but after watching Zootopia we thought Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde would be a great couples cosplay. This is them if you’ve […]

Drawing 3

This is the hard one. Sometimes you feel like your heart is broken inside your chest. It hurts so badly and the shards are stabbing you. You try to hold it together but you can feel the pieces splinter.

Drawing 2

On bad days you are sitting at the bottom of a dark, cold pit and you can’t get out. People above you are going about their daily life and they can’t hear you no matter how hard you scream for help. Sometimes the pit is deep and sometimes the light is just out of reach. […]

Drawing 1

When I feel really bad its like there is nothing inside me but a monster playing with my brain. He calls me all of these names and tells me how worthless I really am. He makes sure that there is nothing that I can concentrate on except for him. No matter what anyone else says […]

Starting Point

This will be a place for all of my crafty bits. I tend to try to keep busy when my depression is playing up so I have many varied types of crafts. Pretty much anything goes when I’m feeling low. So to start off here are a few drawings I have done when I’m feeling […]