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march - March Reads

So after the disaster that was February’s reading, I thought I’d be itching to get back into books again but did I? No. Instead, I read two Draco/Hermione fanfictions that were 21 and 63 Chapters respectively and LOVED both. If you like Harry Potter fanfic, specifically Dramione pairing I urge you to read The Green Girl by Columbrina and Trust and Lies by macxboyle.

Anyway as I realised I had several books that I needed to read for tours I finally got my ass in gear and read 9 books and I am finally out of my rut and ready for reading.

image 8 - March Reads

Title: Curvy Girls can’t date soldiers by Kelsie Stelting

Mar1 - March Reads

Given: 3

How: Kindle U

What: Curvy girl basically catfishes a soldier using her bully’s photo. He falls for the writing not the picture.

Review: I needed something mindless and fluffy with an inevitable HEA and this fit the bill. The MC had vitiligo as well as being curvy so there was an extra layer of fear behind revealing herself.

image - March Reads

Title: Falling for the Competition by Jen Smith

Mar2 - March Reads

Given: 4

How: Ebook provided by Rachel’s Random Resources

What: Contemporary Teen Rom-com. Quinn, a history buff, needs a letter of recommendation to get into her favourite History program so she goes to work in the archives room of the local castle. Except she’s not the only one. Her arch-nemesis is competing with her to get the letter.

Review: Cute and fun. Very quick read full of Historical facts and feminism. Be prepared to crave a Twix.

Full Review found:

image 1 - March Reads

Title: Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter by Sofi Laporte

Mar3 - March Reads

Given: 4

How: Physical Copy provided by the author and Rachel’s Random Resources

What: Comedic Regency Romance. Spinster finds out her best friend pen pal is actually the jerk who caused her to flee London with a broken heart years ago. Or is he?

Review: Hilarious and witty with enough mistaken identity and chemistry-laden glances to make you simper. Really enjoyed.

Full Review found:

image 2 - March Reads

Title: The Most Eligible Lord in London by Ella Quinn

Mar4 - March Reads

Given: 3

How: Kindle

What: Regency Romance. When Adeline is told by her BF that Lord Frederick is a rake, she tries to avoid him. But after overhearing women planning to trap him into marriage, she warns him. Frederick decides she is the only one for him. He just has to convince her that her BF was wrong.

Review: Meh. It was cute in a Georgette Heyer way except I really didn’t think Freddie was all that as a hero or a rake. He was entirely too respectable.

image 3 - March Reads

Title: The Extinction Games by L. A. Qualls

Mar5 - March Reads

Given: 4

How: Booksirens Ebook

What: Take Jurassic Park, add the Hunger Games, put the world in danger and add clones. Now put it on another planet. Yeah.

Review: It’s a hell of a ride with a very decent protagonist who isn’t automatically a Bear Grylls. I had some real problems with the constant pop culture references at first as they just littered the dialogue and really didn’t make sense but then, later on, you sort of got why they were there. It was still annoying as all get out but it did make sense. My full review is available on the Goodreads page of this book.

image 4 - March Reads
Mar9 683x1024 - March Reads

Title: Don’t let in the cold by Keeley Parrack

Given: 3

How: Netgalley

What: Survival thriller. Lottie and her new stepsister Jade accidentally burn down the cabin when their parents are out for the night. But a blizzard is coming and there are strange people in the woods hunting them.

Review: Very enjoyable thriller. Great characters with a plot that kept going at a reasonable pace. Lots of nice twists and turns.

image 5 - March Reads
Mar6 - March Reads

Title: Princess No Knots by Deborah Dillon

Given: 4

How: Physical Copy was given by the author and Rachel’s Random Resources

What: Picture book about a girl who hates brushing her hair.

Review: Lovely illustrations and nice rhyming structure.

Full Review found:

image 6 - March Reads
Mar7 - March Reads

Title: The Grimrose Girls by Laura Pohl

Given: 2 DNF

How: Audible

What: Girls at a school realise that they are fairytale characters… I assume

Review: Got bored listening to it on Audible. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it but I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of the characters at all, much less wonder why one died.

image 7 - March Reads
Mar8 - March Reads

Title: Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick

Given: 4

How:  Netgalley provided by The Write Reads.

What: The Breakfast Club comes to Britain and gets turned into a Point Horror book

Review: Loved it. My review for it should be up on April 12th as it was part of the Write Reads Tour.

image 7 - March Reads

And so there you have it. My March reading. Hopefully, the slump is out of my system and I should be back to my usual 15 or so books rather than the measly 9.

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