Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter by Sofi Laporte

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Mar3 - Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter by Sofi Laporte

Author- Sofi Laporte
Title- Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter
Publisher- Independently published
Publication Date- 4 Feb 2022
Genre- Regency Romance
Comment- I was given a free ecopy via the author and Rachel’s random resources. I was not compromised into giving this review by a mean-spirited wager and a slug of brandy.

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A resolute spinster. An irresistible rake. An accidental letter…and a hopeless muddle in the middle of the London season.

Lady Ludmilla Windmere is mortified. The spinster extraordinaire has fallen in love with her best friend, and that cannot be. The problem? She hasn’t met him. Not once. For they have only ever corresponded by letter. When she sets out to uncover his identity, her world shatters. For Addy turns out to be none other but London’s worst rake.

Adrian St.Addington is perturbed. The rakehell extraordinaire is developing a marked tendre for a spinster, and that cannot be. The problem? She might be mistaking him for someone he is not. Or, what is worse, know precisely who he is. A depraved heart like his surely cannot fall in love…least of all with a plain, outspoken spinster.

Determined to discover the truth behind the man she loves, Lu does what she does best: she sits down and writes a letter…


Ludmilla is truly an awful name. It’s right up there with Mildred and Helga as far as I’m concerned. So, no wonder the poor girl wanted to be called Lu!

Anyway, Lu writes a letter to her friend only to discover her friend has moved and the gentleman who resides there answers her back. Full of wit and candour, they begin a correspondence that lasts three years but only know each other as Lu and Addy.

Right up until Ludmilla’s aunt insists that Lu has a come-out in London and Addy asks if they can meet.

Sneaking by his house on her first day, Lu is horrified to discover that her best friend Addy is none other than the rogue St. Addington, the man responsible for her broken heart years ago.

But he is different now, or is he?

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Not different. Just Hot.

Hilarious, sweet and full of the very best kind of mistaken identity farces; Lady Ludmilla’s accidental letter was a delight.

Ludmilla wasn’t some shy, retiring sort but a woman who knew what she wanted. She wanted to fade into the background, get home and live her own life.

Even towards the end of the book, when she was embroiled in scandal, Ludmilla wasn’t bemoaning her lot in life; she was making plans to have the exact kind of life she wanted and I was thrilled.

This is the kind of heroine that you can really get behind.

I found her actions and reactions to be honest and believable. Who hasn’t wanted to pour wine on someone’s head or step on their toes?

wine - Lady Ludmilla’s Accidental Letter by Sofi Laporte

I adored her totally. I was also fond of her sister who was willing to step aside in order to let Ludmilla have the man she thought she wanted.

St. Addington was also a wonderful hero. Blackened for something he didn’t do but deciding he might as well become that rake; he was the perfect counterpoint to Ludmilla.   

Arrogant and witty, teasing and intelligent but willing to step back when needed; St. Addington was dream-worthy.

The plot was simple but fun and the twists and turns even had me confused as to who Addy was, which made for a nice reveal at the end

This book was very in the way of Julia Quinn or Mary Balogh and had such a great sense of humour in it that I giggled out loud several times. I read it in two sittings (because I was going from one train to another) and loved it.

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