March Wrap up

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Reading log

Yes this post is late. Very late. But my depression has been playing up something awful over the past few weeks and to be honest, I’m grateful I managed to get out of bed at all.

In March I read 20 books and by read I mean that there wasn’t a single DNF this month. So well done me.

Mar2021 - March Wrap up

Best and Worst

Undoubtedly, the best by far were Gild and Glint. Two books by Raven Kennedy. I had thought that I would love Trial of Sorcerers more but, although it was a 5-star read, the two just edged it out.

Gild and Glint are part of a retelling of the story of King Midas. Everything the King touches turns to gold and everyone marvels at his riches. But they come from miles around to gape at his golden girl Auren. She is literally gold-skinned and is prized by all. The King rescued her from poverty and child trafficking when she was young and keeps her in a literal cage as his lover. As the prize of all kingdoms, Auren is part of political intrigue and is used as nothing more than a bargaining tool. I don’t want to spoil anything but this book is DARK. Sexual abuse, near-rape, non-consensual sex, torture, mentions of child abuse, explicit language and violence but, somehow you can’t help but be gripped. The third book is due out in May and I am so eagerly anticipating it.

Mar3 - March Wrap up

The Twilight King was the worst of the month. I honestly couldn’t remember what it was about as I was writing this. What I do remember is that she is Fae and married to this Fae King. She has been on the run for a while because of reasons and he eventually catches up to her and forces her back to his mansion. He spends a lot of time being a jerk and then wonders why she doesn’t like him. She spends most her time whining and stomping around. Apparently, according to Goodreads, there was some twist at the end but it obviously couldn’t have been that epic because I seem to have wiped it from my memory.

Blog Tours

This month was the penultimate month for the BBNYA awards which meant that there was only two.

Blog Posts

I managed 4 Blog posts this month

  1. Feb Wrap up
  2. All-time favourite Books
  3. Cake Flavour Tag
  4. The Danger of the Perfect shelf (I am so proud of this one)

Social Media

I decided to start a new Instagram account and put all of my book stuff on there instead of it being among my personal pictures. I named it Lyd_tea and it has done quite well. One month in and i have about 18 posts and 130 followers. Considering my other account has 380 I have a while to catch up but I am enjoying taking pics AND i have learned how to make reels.

Please consider following on Instagram.

That’s all folks. Lets hope the rest of April doesn’t suck as much as the start did.

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