Feb Wrap up

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Reading log

During the month of February, I have read 18 books. Sort of. I started to read 18 books is probably more accurate. Here they are.

feb2021 - Feb Wrap up

Best and Worst

I read some really great ones this month and some not so great. In fact, there were 3 DNF’s in one month which I really try not to do.

I DNF (Did not finish) These Three.

A River called Time started out well but I about half-way it lost me. There was so much going on and yet nothing was happening. I was really bored. The Poppy War and Mageborn are sort of entwined in that one of them was the reason I dnfed the other. I was listening to Poppy War on audiobook and had been tentatively enjoying it . It reminded me a lot of Evan Winter’s The Rage of Dragons which I LOVED. But around Chapter 25 things went horribly awry for me.

I am well aware that war is horrific and people do truly atrocious things to each other and to children but listening to the character talk about what soldiers had done to her had me scrambling for my phone to switch it off. I heard way too much anyway and was left shaking and very upset.

Honestly, I couldn’t handle reading any fantasy for a while because any battle scene transported me back to Poppy War so for at least a week all I read was fanfiction and Regency. So I also dnfed Mageborn but might go back to it one day.

As for best I really enjoyed A Court of Silver Flames but I think that was edged out by Trick! It was Fantasy Romance Month on Instagram and I wound up buying several books recommended by those authors- Scarlett St. Clair’s A Touch of Darkness (A retelling of Hades and Persephone) and Natalie Jaster’s Trick.

This was a brilliant story or sort of enemies to lovers with a disability rep and an amazingly realistic ending. Nicu reminded me of a friends son who has Downs Syndrome and Jaster just broke my heart with her accurate depiction of him. This is definitely one to read.

Feb10 - Feb Wrap up

Blog Tours

So BBNYA for 2020 is now doing all of the Blog Tours for last year so this month was pretty Blog Tour heavy.

Blog Posts

I did three additional posts this month. Still On track for one a fortnight.

  1. January Round up
  2. Butterface Book Tag
  3. A Sight for Sore Eyes

Social Media

Whilst I haven’t been quite so active on Twitter during February, I have been posting more pictures on my Instagram. Please feel free to look and follow if you want. instagram.com/king_lyd

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoy whatever I manage to do in March!

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