2021 Yearly Round-Up

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2021 Dumpster Fire part two. This year has sucked major balls. Even worse than 2020 believe it or not. With my sister getting sick, my mother-in-law getting cancer, many people I know dying from Covid and my depression rearing its ugly head yet AGAIN this year is definitely one that I’m glad is gone.

On the other hand, I did get a hell of a lot of reading done. So there is that.

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In 2021 I read 201 books

or 220 if you believe Goodreads. I have no idea why there is a 19 book discrepancy but I have been very meticulous about keeping track this year so I’m going with 201.

I chose my Goodreads goal as 50 again because I didn’t want to stress myself out about reaching a goal if things got bad. I’m really glad that I did as I was able to get through a lot of my Netgalley reads and re-read some favourites too.

My first book of the year was finishing off Sarah J Maas’ Crescent City but the first full book of 2021 was The End we Start from and the final book was Curtsies and Conspiracies which I finished at 11:38 New Years Eve.

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My Top Ten Reads for 2021

topten - 2021 Yearly Round-Up

These were all fantastic reads this year. I discovered Tessonja Odette and have bought practically all of her books. I also began a love affair with Raven Kennedy and S McPherson. This is mostly thanks to FaRoFeb (Fantasy Romance Feb) which I also discovered this year and made my TBR almost 6 times longer than it should be.

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My Most Disappointing Reads

disappoint2021 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
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Books I DNFed

dnk2021 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up

This year I gave myself full permission to DNF a book if it didn’t grip me, no matter how long I had waited for it. So whether it was a confusing mass of incomprehensible sentences (Her Blackened Soul), the overuse of a made-up swearword (Mage Rosewood) or I just wasn’t in the mood (Monster Punk Horizon): If it didn’t grab my attention then I didn’t carry on reading.
My TBR is too long to give a damn.

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Honourable mentions

honourable mention - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
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Were they all that?

image 2 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up

… they were all that and a bag of chips. Mostly 4 or 5 stars. I was mostly a happy little Bibliophile this year.

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Where did I get the books this year?

image 1 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up

My aim for this year was to try to get my Netgalley score up. Last year I was steady at 78% and I read and reviewed 55 Netgalley books this year. Did that help my average? I’m currently at 77% so no. It did not. There were so many great books out and, again, I got a little trigger happy with my request-ing.
Oh well, there is always next year.

I also received a number of books from publishers this year (some even unsolicited!). This makes me extremely happy and I’m slowly building my reputation and audience.

I also took part in so many tours which I slightly overdid at one point and have had to take a step back.

Out of 201 books, 167 were not physical- either Kindle, Audio or Mobi.

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What Genres did I read?

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This was actually hard because there are so many new cross-over genres. Like some YA were also fantasy and many fantasies are also paranormal romance.

The only thing I know for sure is I read far too many paranormal romances and very little Non-fiction this year.

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The Books!

nonfic - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
Juniorgra - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
crimeshortthriller - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
dystopiasci - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
ya - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
romreg - 2021 Yearly Round-Up

Paranormal Romance

paranormalromance - 2021 Yearly Round-Up


FAN1 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
fan2 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up
product image 429759446 - 2021 Yearly Round-Up

There you go. Has this taken me all day? Yes. Do I have backache? Yes. Was it worth it…


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