Book Review for Tipping Point by Michelle Cook

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Title- Tipping Point

Author- Michelle Cook

Publisher- Independently Published. DarkStroke Books

Publication date- Aug 7 2020

Comment- I received a free ecopy in exchange for an honest review via Rachels Random resources and the author.


What would you risk to turn back the tide?

Essie Glass might have been a typical eighteen-year-old – had life not dealt her an early blow. Struggling to come to terms with the loss of her family in a terrorist attack, and left with nothing, Essie’s not kidding herself about her world. She wants change, and she’ll be honest about it, whatever the cost. From behind her keyboard, that is…

After all, this is England, 2035. Earth’s climate continues its accelerating collapse. A powerful elite controls the disaster-weary population with propaganda, intimidation, and constant surveillance.

By all appearances, Alex Langford is a respected local businessman – until Essie discovers that he’s a murderous conspirator who’d see the planet die for his fortune.

When their paths collide, Essie must decide: how much is she really willing to pay for her honesty?

Her choices, and the events she sets in motion, pit her against both enemies and supposed friends as she risks more than just her life to thwart them.

Will she succeed in revealing the truth? And will she survive?


Set 15 years into a dystopian future, the world is at the Tipping Point; the place where the eco-system is on the brink of collapse. The Weather is as unpredictable as the social unrest- something Essie Glass knows all too well. Her entire family was killed in terror attacks two years ago and living with survivors guilt is not really living.

England is now a police-state full of drones and toxic politics. You are always watched, always judged and any protest is quashed brutally by the police. You must earn Good Citizen points to remain on the good side of a government who prizes money over saving the planet.

Essies only means of revolt is online where she spitting vitriol about the corruption and cover-ups under a pseudo name. Until one day one of her online friends wants to meet in real life with a package that will change her life for ever. Suddenly thrown out of her comfortable numbness, Essie is in the headlights of social change and may find that she can either save the planet or save herself.


Alarming relevant at this point I found the plot to be detailed and very, unsettlingly, believable. With inspiration pulled from China’s social credit system, America Police Brutality and the often disputed Climate Change Tipping Point feels like a brief look into the future. The idea that there might be a scientific discovery that could alter our planets sleighride into doom, but is being held back by greedy corporations who are more interested in the bottom line and lining their pockets than in saving the world.

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Essie Glass is a wonderfully flawed character. Honest and open, broken and bitter- she is just like any survivor thrust into living again. Her reactions were all very sympathetic and understandable and it was great to see her character growth throughout the story.

I also really liked Seth the calm curate and his soothing presence. The rest of the Change group were an interesting blend of personalities, from the fervently proactive leader to those whose were only there for support, it was a very realistic group and the dynamic between them was fascinating.

Jack was an interesting character, however, I couldn’t warm to him.

As for the Police and the corporate big-wigs I found them distasteful and really disliked them- which was the point. So well done there.   


There was a real sense of impending doom and the whole atmosphere was one of oppression and I swear I felt more and more despondent as I was reading it. Not great for someone with anxiety but it really did point out the way that things are going if we don’t do something to stop it.

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Despite the subjugation of the population and that nagging tension underneath, there were bright spots and some lovely language that lifted the mood at times.


I enjoyed this book but wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who is anxious over the current circumstances as it hits very close to home. But from a plot point of view and as a great character driven story it was really enthralling.

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