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So I go to a few comic cons and I like cosplaying. I’ve even roped my new Boy into it. I can’t remember whose idea it was (I say his, he says mine), but after watching Zootopia we thought Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde would be a great couples cosplay.

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This is them if you’ve not seen it. Yeah sexy bunny in cops outfit. (This is why I think it was his idea and for Thor’s sake  DO NOT google the two of them with safety search off. Rule 34 OMT!! People are sick.)

So anyway first things first, although not necessary in that order, she wears a dark blue vest with badge. Navy trousers, bracers and knee pads. Not too hard.

So here is the first piece of cosplay

hopps e1476019359875 247x300 - Currently working on

I didn’t take any pictures of the steps because I wasn’t doing a blog at that point. My next piece I will.  Anyway here are the basic instructions.

All I did was put an old white shirt on and draw the basic shape by looking in a mirror. Take off the shirt and cut the material out. You should have one back piece, one front and the straps. Lay it on top of your chosen fabric and draw around it with chalk. Now add an inch all over for seams.

You need to cut two pieces of each section. I added interfacing as well to pad it out to make it more solid. (2x back, 2x front, 2×2 straps. and 1x interfacing for each)

Iron on interfacing to all sections and pin right sides together. then sew front together except for a small section to allow you to tun it inside out. Same with back and straps. Whipstitch the open sides and then add straps to back pieces. Add Velcro to straps ends and front of vest where the straps meet. Sew one side of front to back, leaving one side open.

Here is where I made my mistake. I used by mannequin to alter the straps and forgot that my dress model is size 12. I am no longer a size 12 and I have wayy bigger boobs than my mannequin.  So my straps madeteh whole thing too small for me. Arrrrgghhhh!

But these things happen. So did I panic? Did I throw a fit and kick the wardrobe?

Well, yes.

But then I though about it. Flak Jackets have a velcro side to enable officers to get out of it easier so that is what I needed. So I took a piece of my blue fabric about 5″ square and interfaced it, added another piece on top, sewed it turned it inside out and sewed it to the back. Then added velcro under.

20161009 141250 1 e1476020059447 181x300 - Currently working on

As you can see it adds a flap to make it easy to slip into and now it also fits. Yay. I like to think It makes it look more authentic as well. I like to think this because I’ma  perfectionist and the idea that I made a mistake would send me into a spiral of depression. So yeah.

That’s where I’m at.


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