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Roses are Red

I have very recently started buying book boxes. This is because I love getting things through the post AND I’m a sucker for cute bookish related stuff. After the first few I thought that perhaps I’d do Instagram posts of unboxings but my artistic skills are related mainly to sarcasm and less to aesthetics, so they just remained appreciated by me and my sister.

However, I have a little free time now for no reason (don’tcough*corona*don’tcough) and so I figured I’d share my boxes with you.

February’s Book Box Club theme was Roses are Red. I’m not a very sappy person so I was sort of rolling my eyes at the thought of a valentines box but this one was actually really lovely.

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Totes amazing… see what I did there?

So first we have this cute tote bag by Book Box Club. It has very thick material so you know it won’t rip or tear or fray. It is also substantial enough to carry maybe eight books! The pattern is very pretty with roses against a dark blue background.

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By Kimcalika www.kimcarlika.com

How gorgeous is this notepad? The subtle floral edging is beautiful and the aged sepia type paper is going to be great for making cards. Or writing shopping lists. According to the contents card this “Love Letters Notepad” is inspired by Violet and Finch from All The Bright Places by J. Niven.

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Lady Sarah Collections www.ladysarah.com

I believe I’ve said that I am not a girly girl and floral things really aren’t me. I was a little unimpressed by the scrunchie. However, it is firm enough to keep my unruly hair in place so it might get some action. The material is also quite thick so again there will be no tearing or threads in your hair.

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Cake in a mug. by Bakedin

Of course, it wouldn’t be valentines without some sort of chocolate goodies and we have some Belgian chocolate brownie mix. Mmmm gooey chocolatey goodness. This makes me happy.

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Couples mug by Ink and Wonder www.inkandwonder.com.au

Look at this mug. Just look at it.

20200325 145038 e1585149935824 768x1024 - Unboxing- Book Box Club Feb
From this angle
20200325 145041 1024x768 - Unboxing- Book Box Club Feb
Now from this angle

Isn’t this GORGEOUS??? I love it. It’s not a massive mug, it’s like a half a cup of tea sized but it is beautiful. The book spines have your favourite couples on them. There is Feyre and Rhysand, Ronan and Adam, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. There are also a few ‘ships’ that aren’t my cup of tea (see what I did there?) but nevertheless this is definitely my favourite item in the box.

20200325 145102 e1585150828417 768x1024 - Unboxing- Book Box Club Feb

Lastly, we have the book of the month which was The Upside of Falling by Alex Light. In which an anti-romantic outcast is swept away by her own love story when she fakes a relationship with the most popular boy in school. But behind the scenes of Becca and Brett’s lovestruck act, reality seeps in.

The great thing about the Book Box club is that they have a secret clubhouse where you can log in and chat with the author of the book. You can ask them questions and generally bug people. I haven’t worked up the nerve to join in yet but I probably will. There are several different subscription types as well to suit whether you want just the book, just the goodies or both.

So that’s it for February’s box. If you liked that and you think it might be something you’d enjoy getting the post the website is https://www.bookboxclub.com/

I have found it a lovely thing to get once a month and I hope you enjoyed this post. (not sponsored I swear)

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My lame-ass attempt at an Instagram post

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