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20200325 144138 1024x768 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
March 2020s theme. Mythical Monsters

I received March’s Book Box Club box yesterday while in lockdown and I was so excited to get it. I filmed the unboxing; despite hating my voice (too posh- I sound like Hermione) and my face (so I hid it- hah!).

I will post it at the bottom of this blog so you can watch it if you really want to. If not. Just stick with the pictures.

20200325 143849 1024x768 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
Klara Hawkins Wall Hanging www.klarahawkins.com

When I opened this I wasn’t sure if it was a flag or a tea-towel or what. Apparently it’s a wall hanging and it is gorgeous. The teal is a very strong colour to use against the black and the mythical creatures are rendered beautifully. It looks almost luminous and I feel like it should glow in the dark (it doesn’t). Either the Kraken or the Dragon are my favourites here but they are all exquisite.

20200325 143939 e1585152736148 768x1024 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
Nessie Tea strainer by Ototo Design

How freaking adorable is this? I’ve seen reviews on Aliexpress for knock-offs which say that the plastic is cheap and nasty but not this little chap. He appears sturdy and ready to go into hiding for millennia whilst nerds try and out him. And, of course, you can’t have a tea strainer without…

20200325 143958 e1585152292558 768x1024 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
Dragon well loose leaf tea by the True Tea company https://trueteacompany.co.uk

TEA!!! This is light and fruity blend is known as lung ching tea. Because Dragons have lungs, or they are always lung-ching at people. (Ba-dum-tss) Usually, I drink Yorkshire Tea but I’m prepared to give it a go, who knows, I might be converted to loose leaf tea. I’ve got nothing to…loose. (I’m here all week.)

20200325 144030 1 1024x768 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
Niffler Magnet with Artwork by Emily Carrier. www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EmilysIllustrations

This Niffler magnet is so pretty. The detailed artwork really stands out against the background and it will certainly be going on the fridge.

20200325 144015 e1585152340233 768x1024 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
Iorek enamel pin by Book Box Club

Inspired by the Northern Lights series by Philip Pullman. This incredibly detailed pin is so cute. (I am aware in the video I called him Lorek. This is because I am dumb) I do have a friend who is in love with the series so I might pass it on to her instead of keeping it to add to my lanyard. the lanyard currently has so many pins on it I’m in danger of neck strain so that might be for the best.

And Finally:

20200325 144101 e1585152450862 768x1024 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March
Hold back the tide by Melinda Salisbury

Alva is the daughter of a loch-keeper and the guardian of a dark past. Desperate to escape her isolated existence, she is making preparations for a new life. But as her getaway plans begin to take shape, myths of a monstrous tribe threaten to shatter everything she thought she knew about her family, her home and her future.

Sounds awesome! I read the first book in her Sin-eaters daughter series and loved it. No idea why I haven’t read the next one yet.

So I’ll mention again that the Book Box club has a secret clubhouse where you can log in and chat with the author of the book. There are several different subscription types as well to suit whether you want just the book, just the goodies or both.

If you liked that and you think it might be something you’d enjoy getting the post the website is https://www.bookboxclub.com/

BTW this post is not sponsored.

Um here is my unboxing video as promised. It was my first one so be nice.

https://youtu.be/yO9czlsZXbg20200325 144138 - Unboxing- Book Box Club March

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