The Broken Geek

The Broken Geek

This is the blog of a British 30 something geek. I have been suffering from Chronic Depression since I was about 15 although I just assumed at that point I had excessive teen angst. I didn’t start taking medication until I was 18 or so.

I’ve tried several times to come off but that way lay madness.

So I craft to get through the days when I can’t stand myself any longer. Everything from art to pyrography, baking, decoupage, cosplay and everything in between.

My room looks like The Works has exploded in it.

Recently I’ve started selling some of the jewelry I make at comic cons. I am more than happy to custom craft anything for anyone but mostly I do it for distraction from myself.

My new bf suggested I out all my many crafts in one place so here we are.

I hope you, whoever you are, enjoy.

The Broken Geek.